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Carolina Anghel Lima Levy

I am a young professional with some experience in graphic design, web design, social media, videography, editing, photography, drawing and innovative ideas with great attention to detail and passion for learning.

My educational background has prepared me for the role of graphic designer. In particular, my study of Communications has given me a solid background so that I can perform all the positions mentioned before. At HairUWear I’m responsible for the media request, produce printed and digital pieces. At my last job, I face the difficulties and the bonus of being the whole marketing department of Perfumes 4 U. Not only I create all the marketing material, but also deal with stores, printers, and more. At Alfred Angelo, I was able to produce web banners, responsive e-mails, photo editing, and brochures, participated in tasks forces for out franchise in UK. Also, with Allied THA, I was able to produce flyers, create and organize events for six markets (Miami, West Palm, Jacksonville, Orlando, Ft. Myers and Tampa). I was also responsible for posting content for their Facebook. I was able to work with different media platforms like NBC Miami and The Hurricane (University of Miami newspaper).

My other field of experience is with BioNet Solutions where I could develop my abilities in web design. There I was able to develop my HTML and WordPress skills. I was also able to create designs, logos, brochures and training manuals.

I am certain that my resume will give you a better understanding of my qualifications for this exciting opportunity. I would be happy to provide more information about my accomplishments and myself. For more information email me at carolallevy@yahoo.com.